Sharon Gilbert (So Quiet)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Janet’s daughter Alison is my son Ben’s age. One night we double dated. I like Alison and Janet; they live in Los Angeles. White Oleander got Janet on Oprah. In White Oleander Ingrid is a poet who murders a worthless boyfriend. Ingrid goes to prison leaving her daughter Astrid adrift. Astrid makes her way through a cross-section of Los Angeles society. That’s the brains of this excellent novel. But then the book concludes with feminists somehow freeing Ingrid from prison and Astrid falling in love, moving to New York and living happily ever after. Do such happy endings bring tears to Oprah’s eyes? I missed that episode. There’s also a movie….


At 6:10 AM, Blogger Karen said...

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At 4:21 AM, Blogger david raphael israel said...

But Michael, your narrative doesn't make clear to me how [or, stated otherwise, why] White Oleander got Janet on Oprah. (Ah, but glance at clarifies. Book by one Janet Fitch -- must be this Janet.)

Vyt Bakaitis had emailed me with this site address a few weeks ago (when I was in India); I've only now belatedly given a look.

I liked Sharon; -- & I liked her work mainly because it was an expression of her likeable nature. I was an occasional house-guest many times of Vyt's & Sharon's (in 1990s mainly).

It's nice to see this; -- I've added it to my blog roll of artist-friends' sites -- the only link for one deceased. (Well I guess I link a John Cage site too somewhere -- not under "artist-friends" rubric.)

The art book, as idea, perhaps takes on added resonance (of some type) in the now-with-us blog era. The physical book being (because of some now-growing facility & flexibility of the "non-phyiscal book" that this sorta is) all the more curiously antiquated (perhaps technically a not incorrect word, but so ambiguously so) ...



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